Lisboa and Madeira, 03.'20

Sometimes we just have to be lucky. In that case we were very lucky, but I tell you later why.

We planed an almost 2 weeks long tour with the Atlas Roamers guys in Portugal and the island of Madeira (yeah this the birthplace of Cristiano Ronaldo). We searched some epic locations and the "whole-year-is-spring" island gave us everything what we needed. Epic mountainscapes, brightblue oceans, cool cities and buildings and foggy forests ( with this we were almost unlucky, because in the "deadforest" was everyday clear weather).

We conected the island trip with a 3 day long Lisboa stay and I have to say the city is amazing. I tried first time the electric roller system, Lime and I think it will be the future of touristic transport in big cities. We visited and captured a lot of epic spot and building. We walked in the region of Sintra, which was the summer place for the rich peoples in the middleages. You can see a new castle almost every corner and each castle is unique and amazing. The places you should visit in Lisboa: Ponte 25 de Abril bridge, Torre de Belém, Elevador da Bica ( for the tram shots), Elevador de Santa Justa ( a tall metal building, which is still working as an elevator). The next day we got in our rent car and drove up to Cabo da Roca, which was a fantastic place. You have to climb down to the coast to the best photospots, but I have to say it worths that 20-30 min hiking. The last 50 meter is a little bit tricky, because you have to use a rope, but it is okay.

After this 3 day we arrived on Madeira at the Cristiano Ronalda Airport. We took our rented Fiat Pandas, which were really weak for the mountainroads. I never stay before a better airbnb in my life. The house was amazing and on the balcony, we had a view about whole Funchal, with the cruise ships. This place was just magical. After one day rest we went to discover the island, which isn't that difficul in the fact, that Madeira is just "741 km²" big. We climbed mountains, we hiked to the waterfalls, we walked through a 5 km long cave in the darkness ( it is a part of a big hike) and we chilled on the coast. It is a weird feeling that the next land is about 5000 km away. Sadly we couldn't climbed to the top of Pico Ruivo, which is the highest point of Madeira with its 1862 meter, because of the bad weather, but I was able to make a few 'highmountains' photo there. On the last two days Reni wanted to visit the city a little bit, so we explored Funchal a little bit aswell. We bought fresh and really interesting fruits at the biggest markt of Funchal and than we took a walk on the narrow streets with wallarts. We watched the waves on the coast and we prepared ourself to leave the european Hawaii.