Tief Im Wald

is an event, which makes every german automotive fans exciting. This year was a special event from the guys, called Heritage, which is very close to my heart as an oldie lover. The rule for the application was simple: your car should be minimum 20 years old. Yeah this and the creativity from the organizer was a tasty mixture. I drove to Suhl with my friends, Aschi and Basti. They took their Golf MK1 G60 and the most amazing Sirocco MK1 to the Thuringer event. We can say, that the cream of the german car culture were there. Holyhall, Custom Junkys, Rad48, Camber and of course some "famous" youtuber. Amazing cars and bikes, friendly people, awsome locations (though a little bit more boring after the forest scenes), fine music and tasty food.

The fun began after the sunset. The lights created awsome scenes, but sadly I had to leave early, because I was shooting next the Porsche Classic Cars & Coffee by Porsche Leipzig.

It was an amazing event and I hope we will meet at the next "party" aswell and now your favourite part, the photos: